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Plot A3, Thang Long Industrial Park II, Yen My district, Hung Yen province

デンヨーベトナム有限会社はデンヨー株式会社(日本)の100%出資子会社で、2010年にHung Yen省Yen My地区第2 Thang Long工業団地に設立されました。発電機における先進的製造技術により、私達の製品はデンヨーを通じて世界の100か国以上で活躍しております。私達は、「会社に貢献し、ともに成長する」そんな人材を募集しております。


Denyo Vietnam Co., Ltd., located in Thang Long Industrial Park II, Yen My district, Hung Yen province, 100% foreign owned-enterprise invested by Denyo Co.,Ltd, was established in 2010. With the leading manufacturing technology in generator, our products are confident in using by upper 100 countries all over the world through Denyo Co., Ltd. We are looking for talents who contribute our company and develop together. Hires will go to Denyo Japan for training for at least one year. After that hires will start to work with us.

募集要項(Memorandum of Offering)

  1. 職種(Type of Occupation)



  1. 職務内容(Job Specification)

a)    発電機の設計開発

Design and development of generator

b)    詳細は、面接時に説明

Explanation will be given at the interview time

  1. 資格(Qualification)

a)    性別(Sex)


Male and Female

b)    年齢(Age)


Under 28 (born after 1984)


New graduates and the applicants who graduated from school one or two years ago have an advantage

c)    学位(Degree)


Over than college or university

d)    専門(Profession)


Electricity, electron, machinery or mechatronics etc.

e)    言語(Language)


Japanese (over than acquisitor of Japanese grade 3 and/or N3 )

  1. 採用日程(Recruitment Schedule)

a)    面接(Interview)

1次面接: 6月10日前後

First time: around 10th June

2次面接: 6月18~20日

Second time: 18th to 20th June

健康診断: 2次面接終わり次第

Health check: right after second time interview

b)    入社(Entrance into a company)


It’s expected at the end of June

c)    日本への渡航準備(Preparation for going to Japan)


After entrance, new comers will receive the training of Japanese for about 3 months at the Japanese Language Centre


New comers will go to Japan upon application for permission to stay in Japan will finish in Japanese side

d)    日本での研修(Training in Japan)


New comers will be trained at Denyo Co., Ltd. (mainly in Fukui plant) at least one year


Time of going to home will be decided in accordance with his/her learning level


New comers will be employed as the employee of Denyo Co., Ltd. during the training term in Japan

  1. 待遇等(Treatment)

a)    幹部候補生待遇

Treated as an executive trainee

b)    給与、賞与優遇

Paid good salary and bonus

c)    昇給年1回(各人の評価に基づく)

Raise in salary per year (based on evaluation for each employee)

d)    ハノイ在住者は、送迎あり

Pick up bus for whom live in Hanoi

e)    社員食堂にて無料の昼食サービス

Lunch service at our canteen

f)     諸手当、社員旅行及びその他福利厚生については、就業規則等による

Allowance, company trip and the other welfare are based on internal regulations etc.

  1. 申込み(Application)

a)    写真入り履歴書(日本語のみ受付け)

Personal history with picture (only Japanese is accepted)

b)    IDカード、卒業証明書及び日本語の資格証明書等

ID card, diploma, certification of Japanese language and so on

c)    6月5日締切(5月末日までの応募優先)

Closed at 5th June (Applications arrived at the end of May have an advantage)

d)    面接への案内を以て結果通知とする(不合格者への通知は行わない)

Notification for interview becomes the result of paper screening (Failed applicants are not informed at all)

問合せ先: (Person in charge)

総務課課長 内藤 尚士(日本語)

Mr. Hisashi Naito, Manager of General Affairs (Japanese only)

総務課 Ms. Ngo Hong Nhung

Ms. Ngo Hong Nhung, General Affairs


 Plot A3, Thang Long Industrial Park II, Yen My district, Hung Yen province

電話(Tel): +84 (3213) 974 777

FAX(FAX): +84 (3213) 974 688

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